The 10 Quick Tips If You Want To Starting A Blog

If You Have Thought About Starting A Blog and not leave soon it comes well you know the mistakes of beginners.Miracles do not exist and need a lot of patience to achieve the objectives.
It is easy to starting a blog.The tricky thing is never to start but rather not leave the new challenge after a short time.If you’ve raised to starting a blog these tips may help you avoid some mistakes of beginners.

Follow These Steps To Starting a blog

  • Respects the third-party content “copy and paste” is not being a blogger. Do not you ever take pictures of Google as pictures for the blog if you do not want to run the risk of receiving claims of copyright in the future.

Copying third party content correctly

  • Register your own domain: there are many options at no cost to start a blog. These options are not ideal seen that blog URL always includes the name of the platform (eg

Choosing a domain name of your blog and avoid having to change

  • Blogger or WordPress: there is a much wider WordPress community. Although not familiar with Blogger recommend the latter seen that offers more choices for people who have limited technical through plug-ins knowledge.

The problem started a blog Free WordPress or Blogger

  • Do not include advertising: at first anyway you will not make money. We are talking about a few cents or euros per month. To generate community is best to leave the blog without ads at the beginning.

When is the perfect time to start making money with my blog?

  • Write for people: if you read in some forums and blogs that have to make use of keywords that Google will better position in search results do not go crazy with SEO. Searchers are going to want more long term if you focus on creating quality items.

Writing for people and that Google likes 

  • Post steadily: create a blog has no miracles. each week to publish for more than 2 years to see results. Do not expect short-term can become a professional blogger and live it.

How many posts have to write a month when you start a blog?

  • Analyze competition: to find your niche in the blogosphere is important to know well the blogs that move within the same subject as you. That way you can better differentiate and identify your niche.

How to analyze competition blogs and what brings you to yours

  • Do not miss the details: the perfect post does not exist. Do not try to seek perfection and apply the Pareto Principle each time you publish a post. What you might consider a loose item you can get your readers love.

Apply the Pareto principle frequently if you want to post on your blog

  • Design is as important as writing a post: Many bloggers do not get the attention they deserve because they do not think about usability when reading an article. Design matters because it can prevent reading quality content.

The main errors of a beginner when designing a post on a blog

  • Do not believe what you read on blogs: do not trust anyone. What works to a blogger does not have to have to apply to another. Knowledge can never replace the experience itself. Occasionally jump than usual and try new things.


It’s a good time to starting a blog.You need patience to achieve result satisfactory growth.

What are your tips for starting a blog?


Happy Blogging